Theory absolute opposite amalgamation

It’s an old story, embraced by rationalists starting from the start of intelligent reasoning. From Socrates to Jesus, Goethe, and Hegel, from Karl Marx to the fundamental universe of Ken Wilber, the tune of amalgamation has been sung over and over. This rationalization is one of the fundamental rhythms of social development.

The example is clear: we start with a fundamental proposition; then, at that point, split off from it to make something else; then, at that point, reintegrate with the previous postulation again at a higher, more perplexing level. From the parting of chromosomes in cell division to the bifurcation of social frameworks and political developments, advancement continues by separation and reunification, oddity and affirmation. Every blend takes us back to completeness, to reconciliation, and to the heart.

The mythic overlay of our aggregate story mirrors this dance, spinning through ideal models whose values emerge from the Heavenly Female and Heavenly Manly, in both their static and dynamic perspectives. What follows is a brief recapping of this story, taking a gander at the blend that will turn into the ground for the following time of human progress, and period whose values shift from the adoration for capacity to the force of adoration. We started with an essential postulation, as babies in the base nursery of the Incomparable Mother, living in combined advantageous interaction with Nature. Her field was all there was. Her standards were outright; there was no rising above them.

As we developed we acquired little powers over our endurance

We could follow up on the normal world: sowing seeds, flooding, voyaging, building networks. Here we crept across the land, shook in the support of the earliest human advancements. We kept on developing, extending our numbers and arranging in ever bigger networks. Land and water became cherished products; privileges to these assets became subjects of contention, which over the long haul, swelled into fighting of expanding degree and refinement. We walled ourselves off from Nature, apparently for the sake of guard, however this started our separation and partition from the base ground. Protection against The earth’s life force was co-picked by guard against human instinct. A town or city had no real option except to arm themselves or be taken over by the attacking foe each case prompting a militarism of society. Still youngsters, with little means to coordinate huge number of individuals, this tumbled to the “enormous man” at the top, who rules through order and control, building domains on the blood of fighters and the perspiration of slaves.

We turned out to be perpetually far off from our basic ground, rather trying to imperceptible powers from a higher place, lifting ourselves vertical toward the sky. The basic mother was supplanted by a far off father. We moved from female qualities to manly qualities; from reproduction to control, from the Mother-child theme to that of Father-little girl. We figured out how to compose, work out, form, motorize, print, convey, hand-off pictures, and process data, until we constructed the means for a complex modern culture with a planetary correspondence network-a worldwide mind.

Rather than tracking down our position from beneath we looked for it from a higher place

Rather than natural regulation, we observed composed regulation. We created majority rules system, individual privileges, independence and individual independence. Through science and industry, we changed the world and ourselves. We brought forth the self-image. We even educated, as deconstructionists, to step back and fundamentally assess our contemporary social milieu.

In any case, in this cycle, we lost our ground, our wellbeing, and, many would agree, our spirits. We actually lived as youngsters under parental directs. By separating, we were trapped in an either-or worldview, between the fundamental postulation and its absolute opposite, got among Nature and progress, senses and socialization. The direct opposite was important to foster our opportunity and fabricate an information base important to figure out the Earth in general yet we went such a long ways into independence that we started to forfeit the entire, such a long ways into reductionism that we became divided. We lost our motivation and our aggregate moral compass.

We took on manly qualities so totally that the ladylike was neglected. Battle and flight overshadowed tend and become friends with. Success and accomplishment turned out to be a higher priority than supporting and care. Partition and separation held higher worth than empathy and association.

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